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Grateful Graze

Ranch Office & Pick Up Location
19065 IL - Hwy 81
Cambridge, IL 61238

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Our Purpose

is to steward the land in the best way possible

You can trust that the meat you receive is from animals that:

Never get grain - except chicken

Never get hormones

Never get antibiotics

Never get treated with pesticides

Some of our land has been family owned for 5 generations since 1869.  For many years we have implemented 4 of the 5 soil health principles such as no tillage, keeping the soil covered, diversifying crops, and cover crops.  Now we are integrating the 5th principle by bringing livestock back to the land which is how the soil-plant-animal system is designed to work.

We mimic nature in every way possible to let the animal eat and behave in the most natural way. Our cattle, sheep, and chickens are always outside grazing, moving to fresh forage daily, and eating a diverse mixture of plants.

Our Pasture-Raised Chicken

are moved to fresh pasture every day. This allows them to eat the lush green grass, protein-rich bugs, and revitalize the soil.  We raise a unique breed of meat chickens called freedom rangers.


This breed takes a couple of weeks longer to reach maturity, but produce delicious and nutrient-dense meat. They are also better at foraging for grass and bugs. Take a tour of the chicken tractor here    


What Our Cattle Eat

We raise our herd on a mixture of different cover crops. In simple terms, the cattle eat a diversity of different grasses like turnips, radishes, peas, sorghum, and hemp that provide the animals with a variety of different nutrients. 

Think about it this way; broccoli is beneficial for our bodies, but if we were to eat only broccoli every day, we would miss out on other proteins, sugars, and vitamins that our bodies need. Animals are the same way which is why we plant a diversity of different grasses for them to enjoy. 

Why we raise Katahdin Sheep

Our goal is to bring diversity back to our farm. By bringing more species back to the land, we offer more protein options for families, more nutrients back to the soil, and different species eat different plants and forages.

We chose Katahdin sheep because they grow hair rather than wool. This means they naturally shed the hair like a dog would in the spring and it regrows for the winter. They are also more acclimated to our weather here in western Illinois.

We have the honor of bringing you a trusted food source that you can share with your family.

 Thank you for putting your trust in us.

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