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Why our Customers are Important

Thanks to you, Grateful Graze was chosen as one of 8 teams to go onto the Venture School Finals on May 16th. Venture School's purpose is to help startup businesses build an effective business model so their business can be successful. The Grateful Graze team interviewed over 100 current and potential customers throughout the 8 week course. We wanted to learn more about our customers' needs. What were they looking for in their meat?

Throughout the 8 week course, we learned that our customers are looking for meat that tastes great and is better for their families health, the animals health, and the environments health.

Alyssa, Chrissy and Monte at the Venture School Finals

During this final competition, we pitched to a group of investors who were looking for startup businesses to partner with and support. We had 6 minutes to pitch our product, our marketing strategies and business model. After weeks of practice, we ended up leaving the night feeling very grateful. We left with a check for $1,000 and we can't wait to invest it back in the farm to help bring you better experiences on our farm.

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