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What is a Grazing Tour?

Step into the boots of a farmer for the evening and experience for yourself what Grateful Graze is all about.

Haven't you wondered what the term "grass fed beef" really means? How are those animals raised any differently than traditional grain fed beef?

Do you know the difference between free range, cage free and true pasture raised chicken?

Most importantly, do you know how raising pastured and grass fed livestock is not only healthier for the animals and the environment, but humans too!?

You will learn the answers to these questions along with so much more on our Grazing Tour!

We talk about soil health and how that links to the animals health and then eventually our health.

Learn how integrating different species into our farm all plays a roll in a health ecosystem.

After our tour on the wagon, we will gather at our farmstead where we enjoy a delicious meal consisting of our very own beef.

We hope that you think twice about where your food is coming from and how that impacts your health.

See you in the pasture!

Visit the Tours and Events tab at for more information and tickets!

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