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What does it mean to be American Grassfed?

Many are learning the difference between grass fed beef and grass fed/finished beef! In case you don't know, here's a little breakdown!

Grass fed means the cow/steer has been eating some form of grass for about 3/4 of their life, and then supplemented with grain in the last couple of weeks.

By doing this, the animal grows larger quicker and develops a well marbled steak.

Unfortunately though, since those animals are consuming grains (which the cows body isn't designed to break down) that meat is then higher in omega 6 fatty acids. Too many omega 6s can cause health issues such as heart disease and obesity. These animals can also be found contained in feed lots where their manure is concentrated in one area causing large amounts of green house gasses. Then, not to mention the living condition that animal has to face every day of it's life.

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Grass fed and finished beef means the cow/steer has been eating grass it's entire life and never supplemented with any grains! By doing this, the animal does take about twice as long and can be quite lean. However, if the animal is rotated every day to fresh lush grass that is high in different minerals and proteins, then the marbling, flavor and texture can be very enjoyable and healthy! In fact, the omega 6's drop down and the omega 3's become more abundant in grass fed/finished beef. The omega 3's are the healthy fats that promote brain health (which prevents depression, anxiety, etc.) skin health and heart health!

When the animal is out on pasture grazing, their manure is being spread throughout the land revitalizing the soil! Plus the cows are able to lay in the warm sun and not be bothered by pesky flies that would be out of control in a feed lot.

Here at Grateful Graze, we raise only 100% grass fed and finished beef!

- It tastes great!

- It's healthier for you

- It's healthier for the animals

- It's healthier for the environment

But what if you're still hesitant to put your trust in us? How do you know we are raising 100% grass fed/finished beef?

Would you believe that we are a small farm looking to improve our own health?

If that doesn't convince you, know that we are certified 100% grass fed/finished by the American Grassfed Association!

What does this mean?

AGA grassfed standards and certification concentrates on four main areas of production:

Diet - Animals are fed only grass and forage from weaning to harvest.

Confinement - Animals are raised on pasture without confinement to feed lots.

Antibiotics or hormones - Animals are never treated with antibiotics or growth hormones

Origin - All animals are born and raised on American family farms.

Impacts and Benefits of this certification:

Environment Restoration: Land Management and grazing plans that improve and restore land, water, and air quality.

Animals Welfare: Farm management practices that prioritize animal welfare for both farm animals and surrounding wildlife.

Transparency: The farm is open to the public allowing visitors to see for themselves.

Community: Local economic growth and restoration of the local rural communities by employing families and providing them opportunities in the future.

We know labels can be confusing and overwhelming which is why we don't typically talk about this certification, but we wanted to reassure you that we are what we say.

We work every day to bring you delicious and healthy meat for your family.

Click here to learn more about American Grassfed and their standards.

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