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What a happy happy day!

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Woof! Woof! That translates to "hello" for you humans. My name is Grazer and I'm the herd dog in training here at Grateful Graze farm. I'm just a year old so I have a lot to learn and my family is being patient while I figure out what my job is here on the farm.

This weekend it was business as usual. The chickens were pecking, the sheep were chewing and the cows were all head down and grazing. And then it happened! I heard a ruckus from one of the cows. She had been laying down in the field by herself most of the day and I was keeping an eye on her. One minute it was peace and quiet, the next minute the whole herd took off running to her like there was a Black Friday Sale. They all ran to see the new baby calf! It was like nothing I had ever seen before. The only thing I can compare it to is like throwing a fresh meaty bone in the middle of a pack of hungry pups.

Check out the pictures and video. You can see the herd up close to me in the picture then in the video they are running to welcome the baby. It's really pretty cool.

I'm tail waggin' excited to share with you from time to time about things happening on our farm. It's a really busy place which is great for me because I don't sit still very well. Stop out and pet me some time. I'd love to lick ya!

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