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Product Availability 5/5/20

We are a small farm with a great group of growing customers. While we are doing our best to serve all of our new customers and our customers who have been with us from the beginning, we are beginning to run out of some items. DO NOT PANIC! This pandemic has simply exposed the broken food system that has been in the making for years. We appreciate you seeking out food you can trust from us.

We apologize for the inconvenience of being out of some items. Here is an overview of where we are at by meat product because we believe in transparency:

Chicken by the cut was wildly popular and we will order more. We do have a good selection of whole, cut-up whole, half, and our awesome wings.

Eggs are so good you guys call and text me directly. I keep giving the girls Red Bull and serenade them (Just joking...we are Animal Welfare Approved), but they only give us one a day. We have some pullets (teenage hens) who should start producing more in July and another group in the brooder. I turned eggs on in our store with no inventory limits, and y’all ordered 30 dozen more than what we make. For now we are limiting our availability and will update available inventory so you can order for home delivery.

Beef is doing okay at this time. Many of our processed items such as wieners and bacon are out along with dried beef and brats are running low. It takes awhile to get these made but we hope to have them back in stock in August. You guys LOVE ribeyes, and they are getting very low too. Other steaks will likely be low or run out during grilling season. Our roasts sold well on the sale, but we still have plenty for summer. You guys are taking advantage of the bone sale, and we have plenty more to cover your immunity boosting needs. We have plenty of burger, we are getting a little low on pre-made patties, but we have plenty of DIY patties!

Lamb is beginning to take off. I notice people will try one roast, chop or ground on an order and then their next order has one of everything! Yes, people who try our lamb love it. It doesn’t have the funky flavor that wool sheep make. Our Katahdin/Dorper cross lambs are a meat breed and are delicious!

PORK!!! We are excited because in about a week we will have hogs back on the land in Henry County (the Hog Capital of the World). We may have some hams available come Christmas time, but most items will be available in January. Stay tuned.

We have our 2020 and 2021 processing dates reserved with our small, family owned and operated meat processors. Here are some of our future pickup dates:

Chicken: 6/8, 7/27, 9/10, 10/29

Beef: 6/19, 9/11, 10/26, 11/5

Lamb: 10/6, 10/13

Eggs: July 42 doz more, Oct 42 doz more

Pork: 12/22

A few days after pickup, we will have inventories updated on our website for you to choose from.

Thanks again for choosing us and get out to the farm this summer to see how your food is raised. Maybe you can sing better and the Chickens will lay more eggs?


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