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New Cowboy On The Ranch

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Grateful Graze is pleased to announce the addition of Austin Taylor to our team!

Austin Taylor

Austin believes his love of farming and ranching comes from his great-grandfather Ron who ran a small family Guernsey dairy when he was a little boy. He didn't have the pleasure of growing up on a farm but he immersed himself in agriculture through high school and was very active in FFA all four years and held the position of Sentinel. He told Monte that he most enjoyed livestock judging and admitted that he could have done better in soil judging, to which Monte replied, "We can fix that!"

Austin still appreciates the opportunity that a local farmer offered to kids not living on farms in his school district. The farmer gave town kids access to his farm and a goat to raise and to show. He has fond memories of showing his goats and is so appreciative of the experiences that came with it.

For the past six years Austin has been a farm hand in the Tipton, Iowa area. His experience in the past has been corn and soybean rotation, cattle in feed lots and finishing hogs in confinement buildings. He's excited about learning all that Grateful Graze embraces with regenerative agriculture and what it has to offer the farm, the soil and animals that graze it.

Welcome to the team Austin, we know you are going to be a great fit here!

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