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MOOving Day and More

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

MOOving Day for the cattle on the Grateful Graze Ranch has come and gone again! Cowboys JR, Austin Taylor, and Austin Collins have been keeping busy, but especially on March 30th when they moved the cattle from the pastures at Ranch 226 to the field. The purpose of the MOOve is to give the pasture time to regenerate and provide the cattle with more nutrient resources as they will now be grazing on cover crops. Watch the videos to see the cattle being loaded, unloaded, and grazing on the new cover crops!

The ranch also just picked up more chicks. Enjoy the video of the boys training the baby chicks to drink by dipping their beaks into the water!

Besides MOOving day and the addition of more chicks, the Grateful Graze team has been keeping busy with an increase of orders, including a special birthday present order. Grazer is exhausted from all the hard work that goes into packaging and shipping/delivering them!

The team has also been seeding cover crops for cow chow to stimulate the soil as well.

Finally, the team has been keeping busy setting up a mobile watering system, so they are able to water the cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens more efficiently. It includes a solar powered pump and 2000 feet of hose in order to move cattle across an entire 190 acre field. All of this is of course done to help the land and livestock!

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