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"Meat" the Team - Tina Hernandez

Hi, I'm Tina! The journey to healthier living started several years ago for me. Changing my diet, using non-toxic cleaning supplies, and swapping body and hair care for better alternatives was just the beginning.

Growing up in Prophetstown, IL, fields, cows, and pigs surrounded my home in the country, although I knew very little about farming. After graduating from Western Illinois University, I left the area, spending some time in South Carolina and then transitioning to the West coast. In 2019, I relocated back to Illinois after spending 20 years in Ventura, California. During those years, I didn't think twice about running to the store for healthy food - there were several health food stores nearby. Even though I lived in the city, there were fields all around, even at the end of the street and another a block away. The scent in the air would vary from Brussel sprouts to celery, to strawberries, and then cilantro as crops was rotated. Farmers Markets were huge and fresh produce was always available.

Upon moving to Geneseo however, grocery shopping became a bit challenging. I have owned two quick-serve franchise restaurants in the past and have a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit so I decided to open a market that catered to those pursuing a diet of good food and clean eating, and individuals that have dietary needs, usually due to food intolerances. NOSH Healthy Market opened in December 2020. Fast forward several months and I was approached by Monte to offer Grateful Graze eggs. Customers loved the difference they tasted in those eggs and soon after a selection of beef, chicken, and pork was added.

The current leg of the journey involved reading Food Fix by Mark Hyman. It was a fascinating look at our food system, and the steps we can take to improve it. Right after finishing it, I had a conversation with Monte and began to learn even more about Grateful Graze and I learned that Monte needed help with marketing and events. Pre-NOSH, I held positions in marketing for 19 years!

I am very excited to be able to work hands-on while learning about regenerative farming to restore the land, share I what learn with others, and see where this adventure takes me. I will continue serving my customers at NOSH, as well as helping Grateful Graze. Being able to help others achieve a better quality of life through food choices, and educating them about our animals, our land, and our efforts is like a dream!

I have four kids and a dog. Her two older daughters chose not to relocate to Illinois and still live in California and the two younger kids (and the dog) live here in Geneseo.

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