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"Meat" the Team - Julie Sturm

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

On Monday, we welcomed Julie Sturm to the Grateful Graze team. Born in Geneseo and raised in Kewanee, the native is extremely familiar with Henry County. After graduating from Kewanee High School, Julie moved to Florida and worked for a hotel at Disney for 15 years. During that time, she came to realize there is no place like home, especially small town USA, so she decided to move back to Illinois to be with her family and friends. Julie also decided to start working for Tysons during that time. There she gained experience working in a freezer and handling meat. Presently, she has three boys and five grandchildren who she loves to spend time with. She also enjoys spending time with one of her childhood friends who introduced her to Grateful Graze six months ago.

She was instantly drawn to the concept of regenerative farming and how we care for our livestock and the land. In an interview with Julie, she also commented on our eggs saying, “They are by far the best eggs I’ve ever had, and I’ve even bought locally grown and farm fresh eggs before and none of their yolks could stand up like that with that much color.” When Julie saw a position for order fulfillment associate was available, she thought why not and reached out to our team. We are beyond grateful to have such a passionate and qualified worker joining our team.

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