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How to Make Hollow Eggs for Easter Decorating

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

It's Easter egg time! Follow along below to see how easy it is to create hollow eggs that you can decorate and keep for years to come.

What You'll Need:

Grateful Graze Eggs

A piercing tool - needle, precision screwdriver, paperclip, toothpick, or a small nail


Egg carton

Baby syringe


Start by washing the eggs in hot, soapy water. Next, sanitize your choice of piercing tool so that you can use the egg that you blow out of the shell! Dry the eggs and place them in the carton, with the pointy end up.

On one end, gently tap to pierce the shell. You can use the spoon to tap on the needle.

Turn the egg over and do the same on the other end. Once the shell is broken, chisel a small amount of shell away.

Use the piercing tool to gently poke into the hole in order to break the yoke. When you pull it out, you should see yolk on it.

Hold the larger end over a bowl and now you blow the egg out. You can blow on the small end, or use a bulb syringe or straw to blow the egg into the bowl.

Rinse the eggs a bit to make sure you got all of the egg out. Lay the eggs out on a baking sheet covered with a kitchen towel to dry thoroughly.

A few random thoughts...

If you were able to get the yolks in the bowl without adding a lot of the crunchy shells, stir them up and cook them!

Experiment with natural colors. Bring 2 T of white vinegar with purple cabbage, beets, coffee, spinach, turmeric, etc to a boil, and simmer for 30 minutes. Soak the eggs until the desired color has been reached.

Save the coloring…Grateful Graze eggs naturally come in green, blue, brown, chocolate, speckled and sometimes white.

To preserve your eggs year after year, place them back into an egg container, and pack snuggly in a box, maybe with an extra layer of packing material to avoid jiggling around and cracking.

Create a slightly larger hole on one end, stuff the egg with confetti, and tape with a small piece of painter's tape. Confetti eggs are fun to crack on people's heads during the egg hunt!

Use sharpies and draw elaborate designs on your eggs. Thread a ribbon through the holes, tie off the bottom with a knotted bead. Hang the eggs for decor.

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