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Farmers Market Friday!

52% of people think food labels are misleading! That's over half the people that shop for healthy options everyday! Organic, Free Range, Black Angus, and Grass Fed are just the beginning of the confusing list of labels that we see every day at the grocery stores, but what do they really mean? We have this idea of what they mean, but what does that look like at the actual farm?

Grateful Graze has standards too, but they have an opportunity for you to see for yourself how they really raise their animals. During the months of May through October, Grateful Graze hosts Grazing Tours once a month that allows the community to visit the farm. This is a great time for you to see exactly what the animals are eating, the environment they are in, how they are being treated and most importantly enjoy some delicious food! Watch the video to hear some exciting news about what we are adding to the farm next!

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