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“Essential Workers” on the Ranch

Hey, everybody! There must be something pretty interesting happening right now, because I've noticed lots of humans spending time with their dogs. I see them out walking a whole lot more than I used to anyway. Just thought I would check in with you and see how you are doing.

These are my friends Lucy and Rose. Every time we go to check on the sheep, I get to run and play with them. They jump all over me and chase me around. By the time we are ready to leave, I am exhausted! This two against one stuff isn't easy.

These girls have a really important job. They work 24/7 guarding the flock. No time off or vacation days for this pair! When you watch the video you can see how Lucy stays close to the herd and Rose stays between me and the herd only letting me get as close as they are comfortable with. They know me so I get by with a little more than most. But if they sense danger to their friends...look out! These pretty, fun loving, girls turn into... well...something you don't want to tangle with. Together they can take down just about anything.

They are a Great Pyrenees and Anatolian mix and litter mates. They are bred for this kind of work and prefer to stay with their herd even though I think they would like to come with me sometimes. They have bonded with the sheep and know how to take care of them. They are essential to our ranch, and we are lucky to have them.

Stop out and see us sometime!

Lick ya later!


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