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Did You Say Pull It or Pullet?

Yes you heard us right, we really did in fact say pullet. What is a pullet? Well, a pullet is a young hen or female chicken that is under one year old. We purchased 350 one-day-old Novogen Brown Red Sexlink chicks last Fall, and since then, they have had time to mature into laying hens. A pullet will begin laying eggs anywhere from four to six months of age depending on the bird. At first, their eggs are smaller-but obviously still tasty- and are classified as Small, but as time goes on, they will increase in size.

Because all 350 pullets have begun laying their eggs, that only means one thing: our egg supply has exponentially increased this month and we have dozens upon dozens of small eggs now ready to meet the demand! Not to mention, as winter ends and spring begins, we are going from only colleting five dozen a day to now collecting over thirty dozen a day! Because of this surplus though, we need your help to spread the word! Tell your friends and neighbors to purchase our Small Eggs that are now only $3 a dozen or do your good deed for the day and give them a dozen large eggs for free using our Eggs for a Friend! In addition, every local pickup and delivery order will receive a FREE dozen of our pullet eggs while supplies last to show our gratitude for your support. (Sorry UPS customers. We don’t ship eggs...yet!)

Grateful Graze’s eggs are different from store bought eggs because you, the customer, know exactly where they are coming from and how they are being raised. Our goal is transparency here. During the fall and winter, our pullets have been provided grass and hay along with the usual additional nutrients, such as ground organic corn and crushed oyster shells. Both the grass and hay that was once grass are important because of the phytonutrients they produce which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. In addition, they are always given access to clean water year round. Their houses will begin moving around the pasture on green grass once it grows back, so they will have plenty of space to exercise. Not to mention, they are constantly being protected by our faithful guardian dogs.

Don’t just take my word for it, read what our customers also have to say about our chickens and their eggs! I reached out to several customers the other day and every single one of them had great responses, but for the most part, it came down to their health, the quality of the eggs, the raising of the chickens, and flavor that is hard to find anywhere else.

Tracy, one of our longtime customers, said that she likes our eggs because they taste better and are really flavorful. She added that the yoke is so orange and bright. She also mentioned during our conversation that she chooses to continue purchasing Grateful Graze’s eggs because she knows our chickens are raised properly so our eggs are of high quality. Finally, she supports our mission and buys our eggs for her own personal health.

Another loyal customer, Richelle, said, “We love them [Grateful Graze’s eggs]! They’re so creamy and fresh, fed well, and properly cared for birds, not to mention, the history of the family farm and the great, friendly service we receive.” Her husband Tory added, “We got our first batch of pullet eggs this week, and I fried up five of them this morning. Not only do they hold together well for cooking, but they also have a beautiful deep yellow yolk and taste a little more robust and earthy than regular eggs. I think anyone who values fresh, tasty, locally grown food should give them a try.”

And here is your chance to give them a try, so click the link below to start shopping now and enjoy knowing where your food is coming from!

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