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Bones with Benefits

There's no bones about it! Bones are good for you, especially when they're from Grateful Graze’s grassfed and pastured livestock. Science shows that grassfed meat and bones have fewer calories and more healthy fats. The Mayo Clinic even states that grassfed reduces the risk of heart disease because of the livestock’s leanness, Omega-3 fatty acids, and abundance of Vitamin E and other antioxidants. Don’t forget about how much better grassfed livestock is for the environment! If bones from grassfed livestock are good for your health and the environment, what are you waiting for? Start shopping our Bone Bundle now!

Robyn and I have compiled a list of recipes that are perfect whether you want to eat healthy or just want a delicious dinner! A key element in the recipes listed below is bone broth, which has health benefits of its own, specifically that it is said that it can help your digestive and immune system. Not to mention, bone broth contains a variety of minerals and vitamins.

Homemade Cream of Chicken Soup with Bone Broth:

9 Bone Broth-Based Soup Recipes:


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