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Bone Broth is Good for Your Health: Magic or Myth?

Updated: May 28, 2020

When Monte called me and said we needed to have a bone sale three weeks ago, I honestly thought that he was crazy. Who would want to buy bones? Dogs chew on bones, not people. Anyways, I agreed with Monte because what did I, who had just joined the meat marketing business, know about selling bones. After our call, I started writing an article for our newsletter about our bone sale but still did not know why a person would want to buy bones besides for their dogs. You can only imagine how far my jaw dropped when, one week after I sent out the Ranch Roundup advertising the bone sale, we had sold several bone bundles. Were these people as crazy as Monte?! Then and there I decided I had to know why bones, specifically the broth from them, was so “magical.”

Like most gen Z’s do, I went to Google to search for the answers I needed to end my skepticism. After reading many articles and watching some videos, I discovered that the majority of people believe bone broth is so “magical” because it is supposedly good for your health. From its healing powers to weight loss remedies, there is no health problem (within reason) it cannot solve. Okay so maybe it is not like Harry Potter/Narnia magical, but people still believe it is good for their health! Sore joints or inflamed muscles? Cellulite or acne? A weak immune system or a struggling digestive system? They believe bone broth can solve all of the problems listed above if they drink it regularly enough. Plus, bone broth tastes great and its purpose is versatile, so it can be used in soups, gravies, et cetera too. Still skeptical and do not know if you want to try this “elixir of life”? Well, you can also ask the hundreds of celebrities, including reality tv star Kylie Jenner and the late professional basketball athlete Kobe Bryant, why they drink bone broth regularly. Their answers include less wrinkles and more energy.

Why is bone broth supposedly good for your health? Well, science says bones consist of collagen. Collagen is a major component of connective tissue, which improves the structure of skin and strengthens bones and muscles. Bones also have many minerals, which as most of you already know, help your body grow, develop, and maintain your health. Not to mention, bone broth has several amino acids, including arginine, glutamine, and glycine, that aid the immune system. Arginine boosts the function of the immune system, glutamine speeds up the metabolism, and glycine improves the quality of sleep; all are essential to assisting our immune system in fighting pathogens and maintaining our health, so we are not as susceptible to catching diseases such as the coronavirus. Although the science says bone broth is good for your health and common sense says that it would then solve your cellulite, weak immune system, et cetera, there is no proof to support the claim that bone broth is good for your health yet since there have not been a sufficient amount of studies conducted.

Since Quarantine started, I've been gaining weight and losing energy. I’ve decided to try bone broth because why not? It might help me look and feel better even though there is no proof to support it yet. Not to mention, Grateful Graze’s grassfed and pastured bones are healthier, tastier, and of course on SALE, so there has never been a more perfect time than the present to try bone broth! I just cooked this “magical potion” yesterday but have yet to try it, so STAY TUNED because I plan on giving y’all an update about the results of my bone broth experiment and what local health professionals have to say about it. Then, together we will be able to answer whether the claim that bone broth is good for your health is magic or myth!


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