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Better Than Tacos Nachos

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

During the Covid19 quarantine coming up with meal ideas has been challenging! I browned a pound of Grateful Graze ground beef for tacos a couple of days ago. Rather than letting the few spoons of leftover meat go to waste, I scraped out that pan like it was last bit of ice cream in the carton! Monte is doing Saturday morning meat deliveries and I’m home alone for lunch. I opened the fridge and the shelves are looking a little bare. But there on the top shelf was that little container of taco meat. Score!

I fired up my little toaster oven, put down a sheet of parchment paper for easy clean up (because I’m really tired of doing dishes) and layered tortilla chips with the meat and topped with cheese. Popped that in my little oven and in just a couple of minutes added the fire roasted tomatoes (straight from the can baby) and a few diced jalapeño peppers I have in the fridge and bada bing bada boom...lunch!

I hope your fridge is full of possibilities and your table is surrounded by the ones you love!

Grateful for leftovers,


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