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AgEmerge Meets the Cowboys

Updated: Jul 23

The latest episode presented by the AgEmerge podcast focuses on the 5th soil health principle: livestock integration. Cohosts Kim Sheese and Monte Bottens interview cowboys JR Jenkins, Austin Taylor, and Austin Collins about the benefits and challenges of regenerative agriculture, specifically bringing livestock back to the land. Listen to the boys talk about a day in the life of a cowboy on the Ranch and hear them discuss the regenerative techniques used.

*Check out my favorite quotes from the interview below.

“I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have salt and pepper on my steaks than insecticides.” -MB

“It’s pretty incredible. They’ll [cows] have their calves sometimes in five to ten minutes. I’ve seen them just start pushing and that calf comes right out.” -AT

“That’s the beautiful thing about it [management]. They’re not stuck in one lot or pasture. We have the option to move them around and bring it back.” -JR

“We just won’t reproduce that [undesired traits]… We just won’t retain those genetics in there… that will not be a part of the replacement herd.” -MB

“Other people when they do it they usually have perimeter fences and they have the luxury of having very nice tight fences... I’m doing it out on cash crop land with two strands and the next closest fence is probably Minnesota.” -JR

*Enjoy their podcast by scrolling down and clicking play.


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