Welcome to the Grateful Graze Ranch!

We are happy to be bringing livestock back to our land. It is our pleasure to educate and share our journey with people interested in regenerative agriculture. Enjoy watching the livestock and learning from the Grateful Graze team.

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Concert with the
Cows featuring Angela Meyer

What is better than music by itself? Music with COWS! Enjoy a delicious meal, great music, beautiful nature, and of course cows all in one evening on August 6th!


​*Includes Supper and a $15 store credit posted to your account after you attend.

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$30 Adult

$15 Youth



Our grazing tours show you what we do to care for the livestock here at the Grateful Graze Ranch. Enjoy touring around the ranch on a tractor wagon ride and watching us care for the livestock. We will demonstrate setting fence and MOOving our livestock to fresh grass. 

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$20 Adult

$10 Youth

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Experience our Ranch in Person!

Step into our boots and see how our cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens are moved, what they eat, and how they behave. Once we show you, you will begin to understand why Grateful Graze meat and eggs taste great and are healthier for the animals, the plants, soil, the environment, and you!

We start our tours by introducing our farming families and explain the "why" behind our farm.


Then, we head to the pastures on our tractor wagon ride and watch the animals grazing. There, we discuss soil health and talk about how it is connected to our health. Next, we demonstrate our mobile fencing, shade, water, minerals, and essential oils, which allows all of our animals access to fresh food everyday. Plus, you see the animals do their daily move and help set fence.


Still Have Some Questions?
Email us, and we will be happy to share more information about our farm with you.