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Grateful Graze

Ranch Office & Pick Up Location
19065 IL - Hwy 81
Cambridge, IL 61238

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You Are A Welcome Guest On Our Farm

We are thrilled to be bringing livestock back to our land and it's our pleasure to educate and share our journey with people interested in regenerative farming. Come to learn and enjoy a meal with the Grateful Graze team!

Not sure what to expect?

Watch our video! 


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Experience our farm in person.

Step into our boots and see how our cows, sheep and chickens are moved, what they eat, and how they behave. Once you see it, you will understand why Grateful Graze food tastes great and is better for you, the animals and the environment.

We start our tour by introducing our farming families and explain the "why" behind our farm.


Then we head to the pastures on our wagon and take a tour of the animals grazing. We will dig and discuss soil health and what the animals eat. Next we demonstrate our mobile fencing, shade, water, minerals, and essential oils which allow us to give all our animals fresh food every day. Plus, you will get to see and help the animals do their daily move.

Looking for a private tour or event space?

Send us an email and we'd be happy to share our farm with you.