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1/8 and 1/4 

Beef Bundle

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Benefits of a Stocked Freezer...

Healthy Home Cooked Meals

Variety and Options

Always Available

Quick Thaw Packaging

Savings! Savings! Savings!


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What's going to be in the

1/4 beef bundle?


2 pkg orginal beef sticks

2 pkg spicy beef sticks

4 pkg all beef wieners

4 pkg all beef bratwursts

12 1# ground beef 

4 2# premium ground beef

8 pkg 1/3# patties (3/pkg)

4 1# ground round

4 Stew


4 Tenderloin Filets

4 New York Strips

4 Ribeyes

2 Tomahawk Ribeye

4 Top Sirloin Steaks


1 Whole Brisket 

2 Arm Roast

2 Chuck Roast

2 top sirloin roast

2 Rump Roast

Your family will enjoy 360 (4oz) servings!

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