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Grateful Graze

Ranch Office & Pick Up Location
19065 IL - Hwy 81
Cambridge, IL 61238

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Why You Matter To Us


"Meat" The Team

Monte Bottens

"I have a vision for bringing livestock back to the land.  Soil quality, animal welfare, human health, rural communities, and the environment will all benefit."

Robyn Bottens

"Monte and I have embarked on many adventures but this is by far the most rewarding and fulfilling. I am forever grateful for the hard work and suffering of our ancestors and for the opportunity we have to connect through caring for this farm." 


"I am given the opportunity to follow my passion of raising livestock in a holistic environment that provides nutrient-dense and healthy food for myself, my family, and my community." 


"Working on the farm isn't my job, it's my passion. We breathe, talk, and sleep this farm in hopes that you will believe in us and allow us to supply you with healthy food." 


"Being able to connect with families and others who are looking for a responsibly raised protein source brings me joy. I enjoy seeing the animals through their entire life knowing they lived a great life."


“Knowing where my food comes from is very important to me. I love being able to share this with others and hopefully inspire them to take control of their health”

Our farm is just outside of Cambridge, Illinois

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We have a new location just 2 miles from our home farm that we can meet you for free pickup! Click here to see our pickup locations.