"Meat" The Grateful Graze Team


Monte Bottens

"I have a vision for bringing livestock back to the land.  Soil quality, animal welfare, human health, rural communities, and the environment will all benefit."


Robyn Bottens

"Monte and I have embarked on many adventures but this is by far the most rewarding and fulfilling. I am forever grateful for the hard work and suffering of our ancestors and for the opportunity we have to connect through caring for this farm." 


"Having limited prior knowledge in the livestock industry, I'm glad I was given the opportunity to come expand that knowledge here at Grateful Graze with grass fed animals. Here we learn not only how to care for animals, but how to make your lives, our customer, a happier and healthier one."

"I wake up everyday knowing that I'm following my passion, which I believe is of the utmost importance. Tending to livestock using regenerative practices makes me proud to do what I do everyday.

"Growing up on a farm where grain is fed daily and antibiotics are administered annually, Grateful Graze is like nothing I have ever experienced before. I love interacting with the customers and being a part of the team. I could not be more happy to be apart of this natural approach that is redefining agriculture!"


"I love to ride in trucks and go anywhere Monte goes! I have more energy than anyone else at our farm. I still haven't learned how to put all that energy into doing what needs done, but birds sure are fun to chase!"

"I watch the meat chickens from afar because I like to play tag and most of the chickens don't like playing with me. I love the cold weather and would rather be laying in the snow than in a dog house. My bark is way worse than my bite. I just like to lick people and that makes me happy."

"We are sisters and our job is to guard the sheep from predators. We get excited when we see humans but don't really want you to pet us. We were named after Monte's great grandmother Rose and grandmother Lucille. They both lost their husbands early in life and were guardians of our family farm."

"I came to live on the ranch in November of 2019. Because I was just a pup and winter was on the way, I just moved right in with the hens. My job is to defend those girls and their eggs at all costs!

We are grateful for your belief in us, our team who makes this possible, the animals in our care, and the land we steward. Thank you for choosing Grateful Graze.